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Is a rice dish, it is traditionally eaten on Sundays. The name paella is the word for "frying pan" in Valencian (from Latin patella).
Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three main ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil.
The original paella was a poor man's fare, which is why it is made with a little of everything a person may have on hand in the kitchen. "Paella" is the name for frying pan in Valencian, although as popularity for this dish spread throughout Spain, the pan has come be known as the paellera.
Paella is a typical dish from the Valencia Region. This recipe is for the traditional paella Valenciana, which is where the dish was first created. But many different varieties of paella are enjoyed; for example, in some regions of Valencia paella is cooked using more seafood such as shrimp, mussels and clams.


• 500g (1 lb.) chicken
• 500g (1 lb.) rabbit
• 480g (1 lb.) medium grain rice
• 350g (3/4 lb.) paella vegetables (green beans, red peppers and green peppers)
• 24 mussels (optional)
• 1.5 L (4 cups) of water
• Olive oil, salt, paprika, saffron


Clean the mussels, chicken and rabbit thoroughly. Cut the chicken and the rabbit in small pieces and salt them generously. Pour olive oil in a paellera and, when hot, quickly stir-fry the chicken and the rabbit pieces. When they have browned, add the vegetables and stir-fry til they reduce. Add a pinch of paprika and stir-fry for one or two minutes.
Before the paprika gets burnt, pour the water into the paella (you might find it best to pre-boil the water first). Add saffron and salt to taste. (If you've never used saffron before, start with a pinch, about 10 threads.) Bring everything to a rolling boil and let it bubble for about 10 minutes. Correct for the evaporation of the water by adding a little extra water as needed.
Add the rice and stir. Spread the rice over the pan (it should be less than 1 cm thick) and let it simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes, Add the mussels if you are using them. and then reduce the heat to low and let simmer gently for a further 10 minutes. When the rice is almost dry, remove pan from the heat, and let the rice absorb the remaining liquid. Once the rice is dry the paella is ready to be served.


Maracaibo, October 2007

Mr. Giancarlo Dimartino
Maracaibo's Mayor

Receive a cordial greeting, I’m writing you this letter with the purpose to let you know some problems existing in the county:
- No Water service at all: due to the maintenance or repair of pipe’s lacks.
- Garbage’s accumulation in streets and avenues: due the intermittent and poor Garbage’s trucks service.
- Lake Pollution: comes from the petroleum extractions and transportations, municipal and industrial drain, channel dredged to allow the big ships access.
- The insecurity: Organized police personnel don’t exist.
- Floods as a consequence of the rains.
- Bud of illnesses by overflowed sewers.

I doing an alert call to you to resolve these problems; we all deserve health, the best environment of all, and a good life, but under these circumstances we don't have them.


Ronald Gelvez

My perfect House

My House

My house has five comfortable bedrooms, three big bathrooms, a big and beautiful living room and a roomy kitchen. Also, it has a dining room for eight people, a wide garage where three vehicles can be parked, and gardens in the front yard and in the back yard.

I like my house, but if I could add something to it, would be a pool and an area where I could make barbecue every Sunday.

My house would be perfect and ideal if it had air conditioning everywhere.

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